REVIEW: The SCOTT Supertrac 3.0 Trail Running Shoes

REVIEW: The SCOTT Supertrac 3.0 Trail Running Shoes

REVIEW: The SCOTT Supertrac 3.0 Trail Running Shoes

Written By: Tom Fairbrother

Perform to the maximum of your ability no matter how challenging or technical the trail is. The SCOTT Supertrac 3.0 Trail Running Shoes will protect your feet over the course of a long day, keeping you constantly feeling safe and comfortable.

Video courtesy of SCOTT/Damien Rosso

Price: £129.99 or £149.99 (GORE-TEX version)
Weight: Men: 320g | Women 290g
Drop: 8mm
Lug Depth: 7mm
Length True to size
RATINGS (out of 5)
Comfort 4/5
Cushioning 5/5
Support 4/5
Grip 4/5
Protection 4/5
Overall 4/5

Image courtesy of SCOTT/Damien Rosso

The SCOTT Supertrac 3 is the new and improved version of the ever-popular Supertrac trail shoe range. For the past month I’ve been testing the shoes on various off-road terrain in East Anglia, from muddy, squelchy footpaths to firm sandy trails and shingle beaches.

I was really excited to rack up the miles in these and they did not disappoint!

We all know sizing is such an important aspect when it comes to buying new shoes, especially when you are ordering online. I’m a men’s UK size 10.5 in all shoes but in the past I have had to go up half a size in some brands, particularly when wearing HOKA or Salomon, which has meant the fit is never quite right.

The brilliant thing about the SCOTT Supertrac 3 is they are very true to size. I wore the UK 10.5 and the fit was very comfortable, plenty of room in the toe box plus a generous amount of width without them ever feeling too loose or lacking stability. I wore them straight out of the box with no issues whatsoever.

They come in three colour options; black & grey, lime & dark green, or royal/navy blue & orange. I wore the latter which I have to say looked very cool (the green less so!).

As someone who has had some calf injury problems in the past, shoes that are too flat like cross-country spikes, road racing flats or even some minimalist trail shoes have all caused me some issues down the years, so it’s something I’m hyper-sensitive about. The great thing about the Supertrac 3 is the heel drop is 8mm. This is a great feature, especially if you are planning to run on firmer trails or hard ground. The shoes also have a rocker shape to them, which again encourages better running efficiency.

Image courtesy of SCOTT/Damien Rosso

My first impression when I put the shoe on was that the heel cup is quite high and very solid. I worried that this might cause some rubbing or annoyance but I actually came to really value the extra support around the heel and ankle and the added stability. There’s no doubt the heel cup is definitely firmer than most others I have worn and it is very noticeable, but they made my feet feel very secure which is really valuable when running over uneven ground and I felt it reduced the lateral movement at the ankle.

Even though I mainly race on the roads, focusing on the marathon distance, as much of my running as possible takes place off-road, especially from Spring-Autumn. I would say for road runners like me, the biggest gripe we have with trail shoes is that they can sometimes feel very heavy and clunky, generally because we’re not used to having so much tread and therefore weight under our feet.

I liken it to when you were a kid and you used to play in school shoes! Too heavy, weight unevenly balanced and designed for corridors not playing fields - certainly not ideal for being light on your feet. With other trail shoes I have worn before this can be really noticeable when you try to pick up the race for races, effort runs and interval sessions on the trails.

Image courtesy of SCOTT/Damien Rosso

However, the Supertrac manage to find an effective balance between a thick and durable upper, a firm solid sole underfoot, yet still feeling light and dynamic enough when moving quickly. They were the most responsive trail shoes I have run in and I would have no issues or concerns about wearing them for shorter trails races on softer ground.

The sole as I mentioned earlier is very firm and stiff which protects the bottom of your foot from rocks or other hard surfaces. To counter the firmness and rigidity of the sole, the insoles are extremely cushioned and comfortable, as much as even a road shoe designed for running on tarmac.

Such is the cushioning in the shoe, you really don’t notice how stiff the sole and shoe as a whole is as much as you might think, although you might if you were to run lots of miles over much rockier and harder surfaces. The insoles are also removable, unlike some trail shoes, which is always handy.

Speaking of the soles, the all-important lugs offer lots of grip. There’s always a fine line between grip and performance - too substantial and you end up running in football boots, not enough and you end up on your backside which is definitely not what you want if you’re spending a day out on the trails in all types of weather! The Supertrac 3 manages to just about toe the line between the two and I felt they gave me confidence, especially in the soft, wet and very muddy conditions and on loose shingle and gravel.

Image courtesy of SCOTT/Damien Rosso

I felt the grip was definitely reduced over wet wooden features like tree roots, boardwalks and steps, but most trail shoes I have owned have that same issue gripping to those slick and slippery surfaces. It should also be said that I didn’t test the shoes over wet rocks or any big climbs (there aren’t too many mountains in Suffolk!), so I cannot speak for how they fair on any technical trails.

My previous trail shoes had the quick zip lock laces which I grew to really appreciate as you never had to worry about them coming undone. The Supertrac 3s have traditional shoe laces which are very long. What type of laces you prefer is simply a matter of personal preference but I have to say I did miss the quick laces and it was a bit of a pain to have to re-tie them when they come undone, especially on a cold day when your hands are fairly numb!

The Supertrac 3s feature SCOTT’s AeroFoam+ technology which they claim improves stability. Whether it is the foam or not, the shoes are certainly incredibly comfortable and agile, whilst also offering lots of support and protection. They are not the lightest trail shoes out there, but I didn’t mind wearing the slightly-extra weight for all the other features you get in return.

Image courtesy of SCOTT/Damien Rosso

So far it has been pretty much unanimously positive, but there were a few nagging issues too. For example, I found the tongue to be too big and very stiff. It became less noticeable the more I wore them, especially when I was running, but when I walked in them I did notice the top of the tongue rubbing on the top of my ankle, especially when I was wearing short ankle socks.

I would much prefer a softer and less pronounced tongue and sacrifice some of the durability and protection it offers. There is also the heel cup I mentioned earlier which will be similarly too stiff and firm for some people.

The only other feature that might not be your preference is the cushioning. Some runners might like their trail shoes to be more responsive and minimalist underfoot and not love the softness of the cushioning.

As I said though, they are only minor issues that are more down to personal choice and preference rather than faults with the shoe itself and I’m sure the firmness would reduce over time as all shoes do the more they are worn.

Image courtesy of SCOTT/Damien Rosso

Finally, there is also the price. The shoes are not cheap at £129.99 which is certainly nearer the higher end, but also not outrageous for a decent pair of trail shoes.

Overall, I would say the SCOTT Supertrac 3 is a brilliant all-round trail shoe. Extremely comfortable, very stable, a decent amount of grip and reliable performance. They are certainly worth paying extra for if you’re looking for a shoe that ticks several boxes and is built to last.


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